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I am a former cheerleader and note, I was also in American Cheerleader Magazine a long time ago!  I started dancing when I was 7 and haven’t stopped!  I coach and choreograph cheerleading routines! I have a TON of knowledge about cheerleading since I have been in the industry for 17 years and still going strong!  I have my store on Teachers Pay Teachers full of FREEBIES and paid materials including conditioning videos.

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Not only am I a blogger, but I am also an author.  I have best selling books on dating/relationships, a dessert book, and my fiction tales of drama!

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I am on Cameo!  Yep- cheering for you! Need a cheer for graduation, a birthday, anniversary, wedding, you name it I can cheer about it!  Need inspiration,  or how about me cheering on your favorite athlete?  But my favorite is this… need a sassy comeback for that Twitter troll?  I got you!  Click here to go to the site!

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