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BREAKING: The Diary Of A Drama Queen has been released on Amazon as an eBook only. In the coming weeks  it will be released as a paperback on Barnes and Noble as well as on Amazon.

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Untouched on Amazon

Untouched on Barnes and Noble

A Cat’s Diary – a short humorous story of what’s it’s like to be a cat.

A Cat’s Diary Continues– Follow TJ the Cat on his journeys.

“Hello Love, Where’s Cupid? 2nd ed” was nominated for book of the year for Writer’s Digest AND Rockland County Book of the Year.

New Mini-Series Rookie Mistake is now available Amazon Only!

Victim No More- Amazon or BN

Hello Love, Where’s Cupid? 2nd Edition- Amazon or BN

Sex, Lies, and Twitter – Amazon

A Bird’s Eye View

All Stephanie Dolce’s Paperbacks can be bought here

Check out the Mini Series: My Tiara Is Giving Me A Headache! Read them separately or as a entire series.

Read the preview to her new mini series, “My Imperfect, Perfect Life.”







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