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Here is what one reviewer of Hello Love, Where’s Cupid said:

“I never really thought much about what goes into the thought process of finding our other halves – and now that I read this, I see it in a lot of other places including some of my favorite TV fandoms. A great light read.”

Here is what a judge from Writer’s Digest said about “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid? 2nd Ed”

“Congratulations on writing and publishing your book! It is quite an achievement to have reached a second edition of a book. The front cover design is very attractive and I loved the unusual size and shape of your book. The Table of Contents lays out the book’s content clearly. You include a lot of great practical advice and I enjoyed your conversational writing style. In general you have done a good job with grammar. You have an extensive online presence, and in particular your blog should help continue to increase potential readers’ awareness of your writing.”

Here’s what fans from Twitter say about Stephanie Dolce:

“You win Twitter Stephanie!”

“It is quite refreshing to see TRUTH spoken and meanings clarified.”

“So true what you tweeted.”

“Keep up the good work.”

“Keep inspiring us with your awesome updates.”

“With all the good advice you give on Twitter, you could be a martial counselor, or life counselor.”

“Looking forward to reading those books!”

And Even Leeza Gibbons tweeted to Stephanie (Sweet) Dolce: “A pleasure! I enjoy your posts!”

Here’s what Dr. Jonathan Crowshaw said:

What did you learn by reading this book?

The book goes into a lot of detail about the negative side of social media, and the impact that cyber-bullying has had on people’s lives. The personal experiences combined with broader statistics and other examples made her case for regulation very compelling.

What surprised you in this book?

That people can be so unkind and thoughtless when online.

What do you want to learn more about, now that this book has piqued your
interest about social media, online dating and cyberbullying?

I’ve never understood online dating, personally, so that part of the book wasn’t interesting too me. However, I think that the concerns about cyber-bullying are more serious than I thought. The issues relating to social media are very interesting and very much need to be debated and considered more thoroughly across the world.
Would you recommend this book to students, parents, and colleges?

I have recently been working with 16-18 year olds in a Sixth Form college in the UK as an academic mentor. Many of the issues and concerns that seemed to erupt stemmed from what X had written on Facebook, or Y had posted on Twitter. This book would be perfect for teenagers to read in order to understand the consequences of their actions online.

 Here is another review on Stephanie’s Dolce upcoming book, “Victim No More,” By author, James Mascia

What did you learn by reading this book?

How dangerous the world wide web can be for cyber-bullying.

What surprised you in this book?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that surprised me. Teaching in a high school, I hear and see the effects of what she is talking about in the book almost everyday. I had a kid who stopped showing up and eventually dropped out of school because of things that had happened on Facebook. I also had a group of students suspended for a time for creating a page to essentially destroy the reputation of a principal they didn’t like.

What do you want to learn more about, now that this book has piqued your interest about social media, online dating and cyberbullying?

I would say it is a rather informative book.

Would you recommend this book to students, parents, and colleges?

Sure, especially for students. I think it is something that can be read (even in short excerpts) in a high or middle school classroom as a way to educate students on the dangers of cyberbullying.


Here are some testimonials to Stephanie Dolce’s book, “Sex, Lies and Twitter”

“What sets this book apart is how relevant the main story is in today’s world of social media and the internet in general. We’ve taken everything about our everyday life and moved it on the internet, including our most boorish traits. Add to the fact that social sites can be engineered in a way to provide false identities to whomever uses it to their advantage and what you have with Sex, Lies and Twitter is a powerful and relevant read”

“”No one has written a book like this before” and chances are, nobody will.
This book shows not only the power of social media today, but it shows that adults have totally lost their better judgment. Social media is just that: FOR SOCIAL purposes, instead it is being used to cyber bully others, getting a quick score, and Spam is at an all-time high. People spend way too much time in front of a computer screen these days and less face time.”

Haters are fans in denial and every book she has written has created a stir among them!
If they are taking the time out to read her books,  and then post a review, then they MUST be a MUST READ! 


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