Relationship Impossible

What people don’t realize about dating apps in general is that you need a lot of swipes to get a match, a lot of matches to get a number, a lot of numbers to get a date and a lot of dates to get a third date. Dating sites are good at baiting people to try them out. They lie about how many active members they truly have, use fake profiles….. But, remember, just because it is popular, doesn’t mean it actually works! In this book, we will divide in, head first, on the hook-up culture, dating apps, social media, and also discuss some serious topics such a dating violence, gaslighting, ghosting, stalking, and more.

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Diary of a Drama Queen

The Diary of a Drama Queen, is the new soap-opera- starring people you actually know! There’s the airing out all their dirty little secrets! Between Maddy Ware trying to ruin Cindy Rossini forever, the secret that Cindy reveals about Maddy and the love affair between student/teacher, it’s a drama-filled life in this small town. Oh, and there’s something about how one mystery man who can change Cindy’s life forever! The Diary of a Drama Queen is edgy and controversial Napoleon once said that secrets travel fast in Paris. But at the Hans Christian Academy, they travel a lot faster

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Love At First Bite

A great gift for the baker in your life. Awesome recipes for each month including no-bake! Paperback price included.

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Hello Love, Where’s Cupid 2nd Ed

In, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” 2nd Edition, Author, Stephanie Dolce, will give readers: Ten rules of how to make your first date memorable, Seven reasons why most people are still single and how to avoid those, Step by step guidance of how to make your sex life better and groundbreaking evidence that points to how online dating sites feed people lies that they will indeed find their ” dream love,” but instead invite nightmares at their doorsteps. There is also a discussion on feminism and on domestic violence.
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