If one of your goals is to be able to do a split in 28 days, then this product, which I LOVE will help you.
These bands are durable, help you gain your flexibility plus they also help cheerleaders perfect their heel stretches.

  • Perfect Flexibility Equipment Stretching. If you are a ballet dancer, gymnast or a simple human that likes to live in a healthy way, TTolbi Stretching Bands for Flexibility are the perfect Dance Training Equipment. Improves flexibility, mobility, posture and strength.
  • Ballet Stretch Bands. Flexible Dance Band is tested by ballerinas that assured us it helped their training becoming more flexible. BUY RIGHT NOW this Stretch Band made from premium grade natural rubber required in ballet, dance, gymnastics and yoga.
  • Ballet Band for Home. When you don`t have time to go to the gym, you can stretch at home with Stretch Bands for Flexibility. Ballet Stretch Band for Dancers is improving your body muscles. Just check out the Stretching E-Guide you’ll receive on email.
  • Stretching Dance Equipment for Everyone. Dance Band For Flexibility are perfect for all kids and adults. We all know working alone is a challenge, so Dancer Stretch Bands and Mini Loop Band allows you to have fun while training with your friend.
  • Dance Stretch Band to Remember. The Flexibility Equipment is wrapped in a silver shiny bag, which will make a present to remember. As a BONUS, you’ll receive a Mini Loop Band. You can carry them in a Travel bag to protect the Ballet Exercise Equipment.
  • This will be used in Cheer Body Fitness