Stephanie will be having 2 speaking engagements:

1) March 21st @ Rick’s Club American 6:00-9:00pm solely on social media for businesses. I will explain the reasons your business should be on social media and how to execute to drive results. It’s all a great way to network. 
2) April 3rd @ The Orangeburg Library 6:30-7:30pm I will discuss how Social Media and Book Writing go hand in hand. Today, without social media and platforms like, GoodReads, it’s hard for authors to connect with readers. I will also do a book signing and a giveaway. 

Stephanie will be hosting a special scavenger hunt in Rockland County starting March 9th. ( check the Facebook page for details)

Stephanie will be having a giveaway of her latest book release, “Diary of a Drama Queen” starting March 10th ( Check the Facebook page for details)

Other events to take place will be:

  • An Online Book Tour Party
  • A book release meet and greet
  • Book Party

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